Kitty Litter: Frugal Uses for Clay Litter that Go Beyond the Cat Box

Kitty litter is handy for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with cats. Clumping litter and the cheap, non-clumping clay litter absorb both odors and liquids. Here are some uses for it.

Frugal uses for kitty litter:

  • Freshen Stinky Shoes -- Take a couple of old socks. Put about a half cup of fresh kitty litter into each one. Tie the tops shut or put rubber bands around the top to keep them shut. Stick one of the socks into each shoe. Let them sit overnight. The litter should absorb the moisture and odor. Pop the socks into the shoes whenever you aren't wearing them and they should continue to smell fresh.
  • Prevent Grilling Grease Fires -- Spread a layer of regular clay litter inside your BBQ grill. It absorbs grease that drips out as you cook.
  • Clean-up Spilled Oil -- Generously sprinkle spilled oil with regular clay cat litter. Let it sit for a bit and then sweep it up. You may need to repeat a few times.
  • Preserve Cut Flowers -- Place your cut flowers on a thick layer of cat litter. Gently fill in around them with clay litter, covering the flowers. Leave it sit for a few days to dry, then gently remove the preserved blossoms.
  • Provide Traction on Ice -- A sprinkle of regular clay litter on icy sidewalks provides a bit of traction. It's also a good idea to keep a bag in your vehicle. If you get stuck, it may provide enough traction to help you get out.
  • Prevent Mold and Mildew -- Put out containers of cat litter to take the moister out of the air in closets, store rooms, and camping trailers.
  • Keep Closed Spaces Fresh -- Suitcases, file drawers, dresser drawers, storage trunks and other small spaces won't get that musty smell if you keep them dry. Here again, kitty litter's absorbency does the trick.
  • Save Wet Electronics -- No guarantee that this will work, but it's a suggested way to save your wet cell phone, mp3 player, iPad, notebook, or other electronic device. You've probably heard that you can dry your electronics out by submerging them in dry rice. Clumping cat litter can work even better. Dry the device off as much as you can. Slip it into a sock or pillow case and tie (or rubber band) the top shut. You want to use something fabric that will breath, but that will keep the cat litter from actually touching the device. Put the fabric protected device into the middle of a bag of clean litter. Or, pour a two or three inch layer of the clean litter into a container, place the cloth protected device on top, and cover with another couple inches of litter. Either way, leave it for a couple of days and then check it. If you see any moisture on the screen, do not turn the device on. Instead, return it to the litter and let it dry for another day or so.
  • Better Gardening -- If your soil is too sandy and won't hold water, clay litter can help. Just mix some in before planting. Some sources say to do a 50/50 mix with good garden soil regular clay litter to keep moisture at the plants roots.
  • Linen Closet Sachet -- Fill a sachet bag with plain or scented litter and hang in your linen closet. While you are at it, tuck one into your sleeping bag. If you don't have sachet bags, an old sock will work just fine -- but it won't look as pretty.

And finally, here's a use for soiled cat litter…

  • Get Rid of Moles -- Dump used cat litter down mole holes. They don't like the smell, either, and will leave.

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