Garage Sales: They’re Clearing Clutter So Expect Bargains At Yard Sales

And, that means great deals for frugal shoppers.

You can find an amazing selection of things at yard sales, at bargain prices. Expect to pay at least 70 percent less for them than if you were buying them new at the store.

Yard sales merchandise prices do vary from area to area. Some items do hold their values much better than others do. But, you should expect to pay well under half of what the item would cost new. This is if the rummage sale item is in like-new condition.

If it isn’t in excellent condition, then expect the price to be less. It isn’t uncommon for yard sales prices that are 80 or 90 percent less than store-bought new prices.

That means the still-in-the-box slow cooker, the one just like you see advertised for $9.99 in the Sunday advertising circulars, has a garage sale price of $3.00. If they used it a few times, then a couple a dollars is reasonable. If it has grease stains on the outside or a scuffed lid, that price drops to $1.00. A chipped lid or missing knob? Maybe 50 cents.

Tag sales are a way for people to get rid of the clutter in their lives. It is a way for them to get rid of things they don’t want or need. And, quickly, easily, and with nearly no expense.

When you buy something at a rummage sale, you are helping the seller. You are paying them to take away things they do not want.

You can get great deals at garage sales. You should get great deals at garage sales.

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