Frugal RV Travel: 10 Tips To Cut Your RV Travel Expenses

Frugal RV travel can save your travel budget. Research shows RV travel is among the least expensive vacations. These 10 tips take advantage of being able to shop in different areas. They also show you how to make RVing even less costly.

2. Eating out can be fun part of your frugal RV travel. Look for 2-for-1 coupons and early bird specials. Consider eating out at lunch instead of dinner. Skip large chain restaurants in favor of small diners.

3. Frugal RV travelers have more shopping options. You don’t need to limit yourself to the stores in your home area. Look at rental stores and warehouse and discount outlets. Shop in stores you aren’t familiar with and find their bargains.

4. Shop for frugal gifts as you travel. You don’t need to worry about whether or not they will fit in a suitcase. There’s plenty of room in an RV for even larger gifts.

5. A key to frugal RV travel is to have a frugal RV. This may mean an inexpensive, used rig. It could also be good value new recreational vehicle.

6. Travel the shoulder seasons for pre and post season discounts. Campgrounds, theme parks, and various other attractions routinely have lower prices before and the prime tourist season.

7. One of the most frugal things you can do when RVing is to do your own RV maintenance. Do it before it is too late, resulting in expensive repair bills.

8. Each area of the country has bargains and you can take advantage of them as you are RVing. Compare prices. Stock up on bargains during your RV travels.

9. Frugal RVers don’t buy all of their groceries at supermarkets. We buy food at thrift bakeries, discount stores, dollar stores, church and charity bazaars, flea markets, roadside veggie stands, canning plants, and u-pick orchards.

10. Skip the commercial campground directories when looking for places to stay. Find frugal RV sites in city, county, state, or federal camping areas.

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