Assorted Frugal Tips

A mix of frugal tips to help you save money on everyday life and on special travels. Use these thrifty hints to live better while spending less.

Fresh as Spring Suitcases

Put a bar of soap in your suitcases to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Just unwrap the soap and put it in your suitcase before you store it. It keeps away that musty odor. There's no expense and no waste -- when the soap starts to lose its fragrance, use it for its intended purpose and put a fresh one in the suitcase.


Lodging - Same Locale, Differing Costs

Don't assume motels have similar prices to one another just because they are in the same area. It can be over a $100 per night difference between one motel and the next, with very little difference in location or amenities. Two neighboring campgrounds can have vastly different prices from one another, also.


Bake Sales

Patronize the bake sales put on for charitable causes. You donate to the cause. You usually get delicious home baked goodies in return. If you are traveling, it is an excellent way to sample regional specialties.

We bought a small loaf of date nut bread at a recent bake sale. Bob and I shared it as our breakfast. So, for $1.75 we had a tasty, homemade breakfast. Frugal indeed!


Satisfying Alternatives

Why do you like doing something? Is there something else that fits the bill, but is less expensive?

Example: You go out for breakfast every day. Is it because of the food? Or, is it because you want to get out of the house and socialize? If it's the latter, you can save a bundle without giving up the part of the activity you enjoy. Instead of going out to eat, just go out for coffee. You'll save the cost of the meal without giving up the socializing part of the outing.


Free College Offerings

Colleges offer many free events and activities to the public. Some of the free events you may find are poetry readings, plays, concerts and art exhibits. Colleges also have wonderful, often air conditioned libraries. You may find the pool, weight rooms, and other physical fitness areas open to the public at specified times. You may also be able to audit classes at no cost.


Use Your "Good" Things

Use the things you have instead of keeping them for show. Do you have your "good china" tucked away safely in a china hutch or boxed up in a storage unit? Are you saving your "good clothes" and wearing "everyday clothes" during the week? Do you have unopened packages of sheets stashed in the linen closet while those on our bed are thin and raggy? Where is your beautiful heirloom quilt -- on your bed or in a cedar chest? If you have nice things that you aren't using, why? What good do they do stashed out of site? The thriftiest thing you can do with your good things is use them and enjoy them.

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