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A place to ask questions about frugal life and travel. Being thrifty doesn't come natural to everyone. Ask what you need to know and we may be able to help.

Do you wonder about an economical way to do something in particular? Do you wonder how other folks do it? Just ask!

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Questions Other Site Visitors Have Asked

Look below to see the questions other site visitors asked. You may find some helpful information there. And, you may have info to share, to help answer someone's question.

Bored with my Bedroom Decor 
A frugal reader writes: My bedroom is boring. There's nothing really wrong with the way that my bedroom is decorated, I'm just tired of it. I want a new …

Cheap Copies 
How do I make cheap copies on my copier? The ink cartridges are so expensive to buy. The ones I need never go on sale. Do the refilled ones work ok? Do …

Cost of Gifts 
The cost of gifts this spring is unbearable. I can't afford to buy all these presents. There's graduations -- not only from high school, but preschool, …

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