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Good Value Means A Good Life

Frugal life and travel is about living the good life – on less money than you may think possible. It is about getting the most benefit from the fewest resources. It’s about using your time, talents, and money wisely.

Frugal life and travel is my nature. I’m putting this website together to share with you some of our frugal ways. Maybe I can help you cut your expenses and stretch your household income. I’d like to help you live well without busting your budget.

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My name is Coleen and I’m a tightwad, a cheapskate, and a penny-pincher. I’m cost-conscious, tightfisted, and penny-wise. I’m shrewd, careful, and prudent. I consider myself practical, sensible, and efficient. I don’t consider myself stingy or miserly, but others might. Because I'm frugal, I can also be generous.

I look for things that are economical and cost effective. I like being frugal, getting the best deal, and saving money. I like being thrifty. Sometimes, I go for what is inexpensive. But, only if I think that it is the best value.

Back in 1992, my husband and I quit our regular jobs and became full-time RV travelers. Frugality and thriftiness let us do what we love and have what we need.

As the site grows, this is some of what you’ll find here…

• Money saving household hints
• Cost cutting tips
• Inexpensive, yet welcome, gift ideas
• Ways to use inexpensive products instead of costly ones
• How to buy cheaper groceries and spend less on food
• Frugal health tips
• Thrifty beauty tips
• How to cut your clothing costs
• Budget travel tips
• Recipes for homemade cleaning solutions
• How to raise money quickly
• Charity on a shoestring
• Ways to cut your utility bills
• How to reuse items
• Ways to cut your fuel expenses
• Tips, tips, and more tips for frugal life and travel
• More about my frugal finds and frugal life and travel

Frugal Life and Travel
Frugal Life and Travel Blog with site updates, money saving tips, thrifty news.
The Summit Group Business
The Summit Group Business
Garage Sales: They’re Clearing Clutter So Expect Bargains At Yard Sales
Garage sales help people get rid of their clutter. For the frugal shopper, that means paying 70% or less of the new retail price. When you buy something at a yard sale you are helping the seller.
Frugal Uses for Baking Soda: Replace Personal and Household Products with Soda
Frugal uses for baking soda from cars to carpets, feet to flowers. Soda substitutes for baking powder, expensive scrubs, deodorizers, cleaning supplies, and grooming products.
Frugal RV Travel: 10 Tips To Cut Your RV Travel Expenses
Frugal RV travel is among the least expensive vacation options. These 10 tips take advantage of being able to shop in different areas. They also show you how to make RVing less costly.
Assorted Frugal Tips
A mix of frugal tips to help you save money on everyday life and on special travels. Use these thrifty hints to live better while spending less.
Frugal Donations: Giving Doesn't Have to Cost You Money
Frugal donations don't cost you a dime -- or a great deal of time. Donate your excess, your clutter, and even your garbage. Here are some of the things non-profits can use.
Macaroni and Cheese Meals Are Quick, Frugal, and Nutritious Convenience Foods
Macaroni and cheese meals are frugal wonders. Start with cheap mac and cheese, then add meat or vegetables. The results are nutritious, tasty, and homemade hot dishes. Both kids and adults like them!
Frugal Clothing: Shop Smart and Take Care of Your Clothes
Frugal clothing shoppers find high quality classic pieces that last for years. Cheap, trendy, bargain fashions can also be frugal. As important as what clothes you buy is how you care for them.
Frugal Giftwrap Part 1: A Thrifty Alternative to Costly Wrapping Paper
Frugal giftwrap costs less than buying expensive squares of wrapping paper. With each frugal giftwrap in the list, you’ll find suggestions for embellishing and adorning it.
Kitty Litter: Frugal Uses for Clay Litter that Go Beyond the Cat Box
Kitty litter is handy for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with cats. Clumping litter and the cheap, non-clumping clay litter absorb both odors and liquids. Here are some uses for it.
Privacy Policy for Website and Email List
Privacy Policy for the Website and Email List
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Miscellaneous Frugal Info for Your Life and Travels
Frugal information doesn't always fit into neat little categories. Here you'll find links to articles, along some of my personal thoughts on frugalness, that didn't tie in with another section.
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Frugal Life and Travel Questions
A place to ask questions about frugal life and travel. Being thrifty doesn't come natural to everyone. Ask what you need to know and we may be able to help.