Assorted Frugal Tips

Another page of frugal tips to help you save money on everyday life and on special travels. Use these thrifty hints to live better while spending less.

Disposable Pet Pooper Scoopers

Disposable pet poop scoops are great for at home and while traveling. Make them with a 1/2 gallon plastic milk or juice jug. Cut the bottom and part of one side out, leaving the handle and a smooth edge for scooping. You can line it with a plastic bag and then tie the bag and toss. Or, if depending on your supply of jugs, toss the scoop and all.


Styrofoam Meat Trays

Reuse the Styrofoam trays meat comes on when you give homemade goodies. Be sure to wash and dry the tray thoroughly first. Cover with foil or plastic wrap, or a colorful napkin. They are much sturdier than paper plates.


Saving on Sodas

You know how expensive individual cans of sodas are, and 6-packs from convenience stores aren't much cheaper. Buy your sodas in 12-packs or cases when they are on sale and take them along on the trip. For the most savings, choose the store brand.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

A traveler's worst enemy can be a new pair of shoes. Save your money and wear a pair that you've already broken in and that you know are comfortable. You'll also save yourself from pain and the expense of buying things to soothe those aching tootsies. And, if you are wearing comfortable shoes, you may decide to walk instead of taking a taxi, saving even more.


Food is Only Part of the BBQ

Grill hamburgers instead of steaks. Really, that BBQ is all about the camping experience, isn't it? The people you are having a good time with. The view of the lake or mountains or clear sky. Just the freedom of vacation or traveling. You can enjoy those things as much while sinking your teeth into a juicy burger as you can having a more expensive steak.


Full-time RVing Budgets

A frugal way to travel can be by recreational vehicle (RV). We found that when we went full-time RVing, our budget expenses dropped considerably. Traveling by motorhome or pulling a travel trailer, even though it may cost more for gas, can save you a bundle.


Inexpensive Souvenirs

Another place to find low cost souvenirs is the grocery store. Look for foods that are native or popular in the area you are visiting. In Hawaii, we bought coffee beans and macadamia nuts. In Alaska, we bought canned musk ox and birch syrup. In Louisiana, it was hot pepper sauce. If you want something that can be kept, look for foods that come in decorative tins that you can later use for something else.


Consolidate Trips

Have a designated errand day. Keep a list of errands you need to run, things you need to buy and pickup, and places you need to go. Do as many of them in one trip as you can.

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