More Assorted Frugal Tips

More frugal tips to help you save money on everyday life and on special travels. Use these thrifty hints to live better while spending less.

Electric Frying Pan -- One Appliance with Many Uses

Use things for more than one purpose. My electric frying pan wore out today. No wonder. I use it several times a week. It's not that I fry that much. But, I use it to cook rice and pasta. I use it to make sloppy Joe, chili, spaghetti sauce and such things that need to simmer. It makes a great omelet pan. I use it in place of a grill for grilled cheese sandwiches and making pancakes. It is also handy for reheating pizza, egg rolls, and other things that get soggy if reheated in the microwave. Instead of having a bunch of small appliances for special purposes, I use my electric fry pan for multiple things.


Uses Clothes Pins

A couple of clothespins are good for all sorts of things. When you hand wash something, pin it to a wire clothes hanger to drip dry. Clip chip or other snack bags shut. Clip one to something you don't want to forget. Glue a magnet on the side of one to make a magnetic clip.


Buy at Wholesale Prices

Frugal is signing up to be a distributor for your favorite products so that you can buy them at wholesale prices. Foods, body care, cleaning supplies, gifts, vitamins and nutritional supplements.


Frugal Restaurant Meals

Restaurant menus are often suggestions, not the only options available. You can sometimes get a half order of something, even if it isn't on the menu. Or, maybe you want the entree a la carte, without all the side dishes -- that is usually possible, too. Tell the waitress what you'd like and ask if it's available.


Coupon Books Cut Expenses at Home and Away

Look for coupon books for areas where you plan to spend even a day or two. We have one that has hundreds of coupons in it and is a huge savings. Many of them are buy-one-get-one-free deals. A lot are for restaurants. Some are for motels, campgrounds, and tourist attractions. Others are for services, ranging from copies to pet care.


Bottled Water For More Than Just Drinking

Keep an extra bottle of drinking water handy in your vehicle. Besides being an inexpensive thirst quencher for you or a pet, it can come in handy for other things. If you run out of windshield wiper fluid you can add it to your washing fluid tank. If your washers quit working, you can squeeze or pour the water directly on your windshield. Use it to wash your hands after having a snack or changing a tire. Or, if you are particularly hot, splash a bit of it on your face. It is a life saver if someone gets carsick.

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