Frugal Gift Wrap Part 2: Inexpensive Trimmings Dress Your Gifts In Style

Frugal gift wrap personalizes packages. Regular gift-wrapping paper can be cheapest. Here are frugal alternatives. Try these if you are out of regular giftwrap and trim or if you want to be creative. 

Frugal gift wrap and adornments dress your gifts in personal style without costing a lot. This article is not about bashing store bought gift-wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. Those commercial items can be among the least expensive gift-wraps you’ll find.

But there are frugal gift warp alternatives. Frugal things to use if you are out of regular wrapping paper. Things to wrap your packages in if when you want to be more creative. Ways to give your gifts a little different look.

With some of these, the wrapping, gift tag, and decoration are also part of the present.

• Recycled Bottles – Cut the bottom (straight sided) sections off two same size bottles. Thoroughly wash and dry them. Put the gift in one, nestled in a bed of plastic Easter grass or basket filler shreds. Work the other bottle bottom over the one with the gift, so that it forms the cover.

• Newspaper – You can use ordinary black and white newspaper pages to create a dramatic gift display. Wrap most of the packages in the newsprint. Tie all of them with bright ribbons in a one solid color. Add bows in that same color. Tuck a few packages into the display with solid color paper that matches the ribbons. For Christmas, use red ribbons and bows on the newsprint. Add a few boxes wrapped in shiny red paper, with silver ribbons and bows.

• Plastic Containers – Use either disposable ones or those guaranteed to last a lifetime. They are wonderful for gifts you are mailing and for liquid gifts. They are especially frugal gift wrap when you consider the protection they provide, particularly if you are sending several gifts in one package.

• Construction Paper or Copy Paper – Use your computer and printer to customize it. Use singe sheets for small gifts. Type the greeting and the recipient’s name. Repeat it over and over, to cover the entire page. Use a mix of fonts. For a large package, make patchwork quilt paper. Tape sheets of assorted colors together. Before you tape them, treat each sheet of paper as a quilt block, printing it with a design.

• Pillowcases – Use as a fabric bag for larger gifts. Look for new and nearly new ones at garage sales. They usually are a very frugal buy. Children may like the pillowcase with their favorite character design on it better than they do the gift inside.

• Aluminum Foil – Foil that comes on rolls makes ideal frugal gift wrap for wrapping long, slender gifts. Just unroll the length that you need.

• Tissue Paper – Use tissue paper by itself or with other wraps. When using gift bags, loosely stuff a sheet or two in the bag, with the top corners sticking out. Use it as an under wrap when use plastic wrap, netting, lace, or other sheer or transparent wrapping materials.

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